hello! we are project cupid <33

instagram: @proj.cupid
email: [email protected]
youtube: tinyurl.com/projcupidyoutube

what is project cupid?

project cupid is a year 3 cmps group from rgs who are advocating for self love and self compassion among teens aged 11-16.

who is project cupid?

project cupid consists of eight members: hayley (team leader), anupama, andie, belle, jade, janani, shannen and verity.
you can check out our members' introduction on our instagram page!

our group name

cupid is the mythical representation of love, always armed with his bow and arrow. when we think of cupid, we have imageries of romance and couples. we are all cupids, using arrows to shoot and send others love and care. However, before we do that, we must learn to truly appreciate, care and love ourselves. that is project cupid's mission.

our logo

our logo features a girl hugging herself to embody our vision of girls embracing their individuality, practising proper self-care, hence having self-confidence. we hope that our logo will inspire girls to be kinder to themselves and, as our mission mentioned, truly appreciate, care and love themselves for who they are.


past initiatives

which might be somewhat useful to you and your peers!

spotify playlist!

a playlist crafted by our members to spread the good energy and bring you comfort. (featured in newsletter #1) tap here and drop a like on our self-love playlist!

article on online parents magazine

our article, published on thenewageparents.com, focuses on the impact of parental pressure on children's mental health and well-being. we want to be able to spread the importance of such issues to not just fellow teenagers, but also the parents. we will appreciate if you could share this with your families and friends!

upcoming initiatives

more newsletters!

we will send school-wides emails to rgs students every fortnight to share our newsletters! for non-rgs students, do actively check our instagram and website as we will update the newsletters here too.

self-care vlogs!

check out our members' favourite self-care activities through our upcoming vlogs! follow us on instagram for more updates